About city

Vorkuta (Komi Vorkuta) is a city in Russia, located in the North of the Republic of Komi, on the Western slopes of the Polar Urals, on the river Vorkuta. Located beyond the polar circle, in the zone of permafrost. The center of the homonymous municipal district. 

The name of the city from the Nenets language and is translated as "many bears", "the abundance of bears", "bear corner". 

Since Vorkuta is located approximately 150 kilometers North of the Arctic circle and only 140 miles off the coast of the Arctic ocean, the climate is subarctic. 

In may 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vorkuta is included in the composition of the land territories of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. 

The frost-free period is about 70 days (sometimes even in summer frosts are possible), whereas the length of winter is about 8 months